• locus
  • George Snell selectively bred two mouse strains, attained a new strain nearly identical to one of the progenitor strains, but differing crucially in histocompatibility-that is, tissue compatibility upon transplantation-and thereupon identified an MHC locus. (wikipedia.org)
  • enzyme
  • Following removal of the leader peptides, the same enzyme is responsible for the second posttranslational modification that characterises the type-IV pilins and their homologues, namely N-methylation of the newly exposed N-terminal amino acid residue. (wikipedia.org)
  • Further
  • A further amino acid substitution at position 70 resulted in the gain of additional H-2D d specificities, allowing to localize more than half of all the relevant H-2D d serological epitopes to position 63 to 70. (springer.com)