• heaps
  • Amortized Analysis - Binary, Binomial and Fibonacci heaps, Dijkstra's Shortest path algorithm, Splay Trees, Time-Space trade-off, Introduction to Tractable and Non-tractable Problems, Introduction to Randomized and Approximate algorithms, Embedded Algorithms: Embedded system scheduling (power optimized scheduling algorithm), sorting algorithm for embedded systems. (google.com)
  • Mathematics
  • Its clarity of exposition and excellent selection of exercises will make it accessible and appealing to all those with a taste for mathematics and algorithms. (springer.com)
  • theory
  • Includes more than 300 worked examples, which provide motivation, clarify concepts, and show how to develop algorithms, demonstrate applications of the theory, and elucidate proofs. (informit.com)
  • research
  • But the SIAT MMLab algorithm developed by a research team from China , which learned on a smaller number of images, bucked that trend by outperforming many others. (washington.edu)
  • Our research in this area focuses on algorithms with provable guarantees on their I/O- and caching behavior. (tue.nl)