• reaction
  • In either case, the transaminase reaction consists of two similar half-reactions that constitute what is referred to as a ping-pong mechanism. (wikipedia.org)
  • studies
  • X-ray crystallography studies have been performed to determine the structure of aspartate transaminase from various sources, including chicken mitochondria, pig heart cytosol, and E. coli. (wikipedia.org)
  • acute
  • Although the lack of IL-17 did not affect the outcome of infection or pathology, lack of IL-22 resulted in 50% mortality within 12 days after infection with significantly greater weight loss at the peak of infection and significant increase in alanine transaminase in the plasma in the acute infection. (frontiersin.org)
  • Elevated transaminases that persist less than six months are termed 'acute' in nature, and those values that persist for six months or more are termed 'chronic' in nature. (wikipedia.org)
  • chronic
  • But pay attention to a point, "small Sanyang" patients, the hepatitis B virus (HBV DNA) higher than 10 of the 5 party, no matter how much can transaminase, HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B. Why, in general, the immune function under the action of "big 3 this world" to "small three", HBV DNA will soon turn. (scleritis.net)