• Primary
  • This paper analyses responses to 21 Attitude Items with reference to five primary areas related to AIDS: Testing for HIV, Homosexuality, Fear of Contagion, Comfort in Interacting with AIDS Patients, and Intention to care for Persons with AIDS. (georgetown.edu)
  • Health
  • Seattle, Wash.] : Novela Health Foundation : People of Color Against AIDS Network, [between 1985 and 2000? (nih.gov)
  • Using HIV/AIDS surveillance to monitor public health efforts to reduce perinatal transmission of HIV. (naver.com)
  • He focuses on four issues: health care allocation, AIDS, determination of death, and euthanasia. (georgetown.edu)
  • Survey
  • We analyzed data from the second Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS 2012) to estimate the prevalence of HIV infection among children aged 18 months to 14 years. (cdc.gov)