• ethnic group
  • The magnitude of this association varied by ethnic group, and the decline in log circulating DHEAS levels with higher log BMI was steepest for Chinese and least steep for Hispanics. (umassmed.edu)
  • However, in the context of frequent ECG repolarization anomalies in black athletes, the potential for erroneous diagnosis of arrhythmogenic RV cardiomyopathy is considerably greater in this ethnic group. (acc.org)
  • Child
  • Approaches for assessing the role of household socioeconomic status on child anthropometric measures in urban South Africa. (bournemouth.ac.uk)
  • The objectives of this article were to compare the variance explained in anthropometric outcomes when using individual measures of socioeconomic status (SES) versus different approaches to create SES indices within the urban African context, and to examine the influence of SES measured during infancy on child anthropometric outcomes at 7/8 years. (bournemouth.ac.uk)
  • racial
  • Investigators have questioned the impact of race on the epidemiology of AF based on issues relating to the imperfect methodology for AF detection, coupled with the suspicion that AF is unequally diagnosed among racial groups [ 10 , 11 ]. (hindawi.com)