• hydrocarbons
  • PNDF (Federal Environmental Regulatory Document) 14.1:2:57-96: Method of Measurement of Mass Concentrations of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Drinking, Natural, and Waste Waters by Gas Chromatography , Moscow, 2011. (springer.com)
  • Diffusion
  • To develop a successful separation or purification process, we need several fundamental physical properties such as solubilities, phase equilibria, and diffusion coefficients as well as the solution structure and the interaction between a solute and supercritical fluid used as a solvent. (go.jp)
  • purification
  • Dallas, TX -- ( SBWIRE ) -- 10/17/2014 -- Chiral Chromatography has evolved over the years and has become a method of choice for analysis, identification, and purification of a wide variety of compounds. (sbwire.com)
  • exchange
  • 2001). The adsorption of HDTMA + and TMA + onto montmorillonite was performed in an amount just equal to the cation-exchange capacity of the clay. (scielo.org.ar)