• clinically
  • While pituitary adenomas are common, affecting approximately one in 6 of the general population, clinically active pituitary adenomas that require surgical treatment are more rare, affecting approximately one in 1000 of the general population. (wikipedia.org)
  • See 'Treatment of gonadotroph and other clinically nonfunctioning adenomas' and 'Incidentally discovered sellar masses (pituitary incidentalomas)' . (uptodate.com)
  • The majority of gonadotroph adenomas are clinically 'silent' and difficult to identify because they are poorly differentiated and produce and secrete hormones inefficiently. (uptodate.com)
  • Prolactin
  • Most adenomas (65 to 70 percent) secrete an excess amount of hormone including prolactin, growth hormone (GH), corticotropin (ACTH), or thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). (uptodate.com)