• radionuclide
  • Studies using N-succinimidyl 4-guanidinomethyl-3-[131I]iodobenzoate (SGMIB) were particularly encouraging, demonstrating a more than twofold tumor xenograft delivery advantage compared with and previously reported radionuclide/labeling method/Nb combination. (grantome.com)
  • 211At
  • and 3) to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of promising 131I- and 211At- labeled Nb conjugates in athymic rodents with subcutaneous, intracranial and neoplastic meningitis HER2- expressing xenografts. (grantome.com)
  • heart
  • The investigators had three ways to measure sympathetic nervous activity: 1) by using a special blood sample, 2) by monitoring heart rhythm, and 3) by performing a special heart scan. (clinicaltrials.gov)