Methods of semen collection not based on masturbation or surgical sperm retrieval. (1/5)

Although masturbation is the standard method for the collection of a sperm sample, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, other approaches have been described and assessed. Production of semen using specially designed condoms has been shown to result in samples with better laboratory characteristics than samples obtained after masturbation or coitus interruptus. However, this has not resulted in a general acceptance and use of this approach, except in special circumstances where masturbation is impossible or unacceptable. Direct retrieval of spermatozoa from morning urine is another method which has been used to study spermache in boys, but not to treat infertility. Sperm production techniques such as vibro- and electrostimulation are dealt with elsewhere, as are surgical retrieval techniques used in azoospermia.  (+info)

Contraceptive withdrawal in adolescents: a complex picture of usage. (2/5)


Why Iranian married women use withdrawal instead of oral contraceptives? A qualitative study from Iran. (3/5)


Withdrawal users' experiences of and attitudes to contraceptive methods: a study from Eastern district of Tehran, Iran. (4/5)


The outcome of the seminal fluid parameters collected via coitus interruptus versus masturbation. (5/5)

A one year study was carried out to determine the outcome of the seminal fluid parameters collected via masturbation and coitus interruptus in 151 patients who were undergoing intrauterine insemination (IUI) and patients who came for seminal analysis. There were no statistically significant differences in terms of volume, concentration, progressive motility and normal morphology from specimens collected via coitus interruptus compared to specimens collected via masturbation. Pregnancy outcomes were also comparable.  (+info)