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Gods Origin Online is a new MMORPG in the vein of classic browser games, with a fresh twist. Players familiar with MMORPGs will feel right at home, while newcomers will find plenty to love, with Gods Origin Online being a perfect game for veterans and newbies to the genre alike.

Gods Origin Online GOO

Now, the fate of this world is in your hands – hold your faith and never back down!

For PVP enthusiasts, they can find equal excitement in the Grand Expedition. Players can participate in this large-scale cross-server Guild PVP mode and prove their strength to the world.

Soul Arms, which are wielded by the Artifact heroes, will be released in the future as well. Collect certain Soul Arms and players will be rewarded with the Divine Edge, which would greatly boost a hero’s Battle Rating.

Additionally, to assist the delicate but critical process of balancing the various classes of the game, Gala Lab, the experienced developer of Gods Origin Online and multiple other MMOs, agreed to the go-ahead of a community-driven project. For the first time, a special section of the forum will allow players to give their input on the balancing of all 15 end-game classes. The input provided will be collected and reworked by Gods Origin Online GMs and sent to the developers, who will have the final call on all changes. From now on, constant updates will be provided based on community input in order to achieve a more enjoyable and fair gaming experience.

To say thanks to all Alpha players who provided valuable feedback to enhance Gods Origin Online, the team have automatically included them into launchs. With the lifting of the game’s NDA, players can share their battle stories online with their friends and the community.

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