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As far as we know, once settled into wood, the Double Head Screw start to loose, keep them tight in the wood is really a headaching problem. So you need to tight them again. Here are some suggestions which will help you make a good second tighten of the wood screws.

A simple and effective way is to plug wood matches or toothoicks into the hole. It means that the hole can be chocked up by the sofe wood. Wooden match sticks are a soft wood that make plugging the hole easy. Fill the hole snugly and then replace the screw and tighten it in place.

Just like the first suggestion, the second suggestion suggest you drive a wooden golf tee into the hole. The only difference it differ from the above method is that the golf tee is made from hardwood. Therefore, it is much suitable for those conditions which need to plug a larger and deeper hole, and the wood screws are larger than average.

For those screws which just starting to loose, a wood glue is enough. Using a syringe, smalll nail or toothpick to insert a little glue into the hole to stick the the screw and the adjacent wood. This is a simple but effctive way to tight the screws, but is only useful in the time when the screws start to loose, because, in this time, the hole has not expanded yet.

Fninally, using a larger or longer screw to fill in the existed hole is also an effective way. Instead of plug the hole by wood, you just fill up the hole by the screw itself who has a wider diameter or a longer length. Besides, you have to make sure that the larger/longer screw is compatible with what you're securing with it and the depth of the wood you're screwing into.

In general, these method will effectively help you tight the wood screws again. However, if not, you’d better replace the screws in some other places where no holes are exist.

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