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Heady Harvest Sour CBD Gummies available in 200MG, 500MG, and 1,000MG. Best value!

Jul 27 by cbdvapegenius
CBD and THC can both offer increased stimulation, more pleasure, and a more comfortable sexual experience. Individually they can improve your sex life in their own unique ways; but when used together, these compounds can open up a whole new world for you and your partner!
One of the biggest complaints people have about THC is that it is simply too strong. When taken in high doses, THC may make you too “high” to function at your best. It can also make you more anxious – putting a serious dampener on the mood. Conversely, when taken by itself, CBD has a more muted effect than THC. It can help you feel physically and mentally comfortable, but it won’t provide you with any mind-altering effects; which, if we’re being honest with ourselves, is a pretty big selling point.

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Jun 13 by cbdvapegenius
The Legality of Hemp and CBD

As stated before, although hemp was widely used as an industrial crop for thousands of years, it was made illegal alongside marijuana in the 1970’s for all purposes, though laws starting in 1937 had been limiting its use drastically already.  During that time governments in several countries were cracking down on the abuse of narcotics and other drugs.
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May 26 by cbdvapegenius
Why Athletes Are Quickly Turning to CBD:

Athletes put their bodies through a lot. Every time the body is put through some kind of strenuous physical activity, muscles tear and break down. The body does this naturally so fat dissolves and muscles can grow back bigger and better than before. Unfortunately, this process can lead to inflammation, pain, sleeplessness and sometimes injury.

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May 20 by cbdvapegenius
CBD vape Genius has been posted many blogs to understands the CBD benefits, legality of CBD, uses of CBD, etc. You can get the right information here and can reduce your confusion about CBD products. Visit our website and read CBD blogs.
Apr 25 by cbdvapegenius
CBD Myths Separating Fact from Fiction:-

Myth #1 – All CBD is Made from Hemp
Myth #2 – CBD Products Are All Safe
Myth #3 – CBD Will Get You High
Myth #5 – CBD Is Illegal
 Myth #7 – Good CBD Products Are Hard to Find

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Apr 20 by cbdvapegenius

Professional athletes are always on the move – day in and day out. They push themselves mentally and physically to achieve their goals. Sometimes having to withstand daily pain, soreness or even life-threatening injuries. With so much on the line, how do they keep going? How do these athletes manage to put themselves through so much and still end up stronger at the end of the day?

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Apr 16 by cbdvapegenius
One of the most trusted brands, CBDistillery makes high-quality hemp products at an affordable price.  Their mission to lead the CBD movement is driven by their passion for helping people find quality CBD products that won’t break the bank. They offer a wide variety of CBD Topicals, CBD Tinctures at affordable prices.


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Apr 6 by cbdvapegenius
Vaping CBD oil & wax cartridges are one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD due to its high bio-availability which is about 30-40%.  CBD has many benefits on the mind and body.  It may help with depression, anxiety and mood disorders.  CBD may also reduce nausea and vomiting, increase appetite and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


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Mar 30 by cbdvapegenius
Buy CBD Topicals: CBD Lotions & Salves From CBD Vape Genius & Save $5 off your order of $20+ Free Shipping Code: SAVE5


Topical application of CBD by using a CBD lotion, salve, or cream is a popular method that can help alleviate muscle pain soreness, arthritic joint pain/inflammation, and various skin conditions.
Mar 24 by cbdvapegenius