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Mar 29, 2018 by MatthewKNorton
“You Are the Weakest Link, Goodbye”
Remember the Weakest Link television show that experienced brief popularity several years back? It’s most memorable element was the host’s dismissive declaration to the contestant who was considered least effective in the team’s drive for success in each round of competition. “You are the weakest link…Goodbye!”

What is your weakest link? The area of your life where you’re least effective as you reach for greater health and success? The aspect that prevents you from experiencing Holistic Abundance? The answer to that question may hold the key to the life of sustainable joy you’ve been seeking.

Have you noticed recently how many more things there are vying for your time and attention? Maybe it’s always been that way, but it sure feels more pressing to me with each passing year (or even passing day). Maybe it’s related to a greater sense of urgency I experience in the use of my time, which is most likely appropriate given the fact that there’s less of it ahead than when I was younger.

The more complex life gets, the easier it becomes to mentally divide the various aspects of our self into separate boxes. We have our work life, our family/home life, our spiritual life, etc. While we tend to think that we’re good at multi-tasking, research reveals it not to be true. We can shift rapidly between objects of attention, but it’s not simultaneous and the cost is depth of concentration. We do get more done when we narrow our focus to one thing at a time.

However, when we narrow our focus onto specific things to be more effective, we risk neglecting the meeting of other important needs. We tend to get out of balance and fragment. We start to focus more on some individual parts of our lives and miss the impact on our complete system. We lose our big picture vision, sometimes referred to as “I can’t see the forest for the trees.”

We lose our holistic integration.

You are a whole person with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. There are no actual walls separating them but invisible walls can appear as areas remain underdeveloped or neglected. Allow me to share a personal example.

I have some big visions within me that contribute meaning, purpose, and passion to my life. They get me up each morning and drive me through my days. I am extremely grateful and love the life I live. I wouldn’t trade for anything or to be anyone else.

My various interests have led to multiple business involvements, all connected to my areas of health expertise and are all important to me. Each of the three primary areas of business focus are requiring a great deal of startup or transitional energy and attention right now. There are many balls to keep in the air while I work to develop the infrastructure to pass them off more.

The risk for me is becoming overwhelmed, thereby losing productivity in any or all of my business endeavors, as well as failing to adequately attend to the other important components of my “Holistic” life.

This can include lack of proper attention to my physical body, such as optimum exercise, nutrition, or sleep. It can involve my emotional/relational life such as having less of me available for my wife, children, and friends or failing to get quiet enough to refill my perspective tank.

Sometimes I fall short in alloting enough time for new learning and other elements that keep my mental focus sharp and creative. At other times, I rush forward without slowing to communicate with God sufficiently about my next steps or to listen adequately to tune into my intuitive sense.

The see-saw of life doesn’t remain balanced at neutral. An active life is made up of continual tipping from one priority or point of attention to another. This is natural. However, it is important not to drift and lose track of tending well to the various aspects of a well-lived life.

How about you? Have you drifted too far off center for too long now? If so, then weak links are developing that will leave you vulnerable to loss. Loss of health, family, business, peace, etc. Stay awake and be willing to shift before that weakest link causes you to say goodbye to a successful, significant, and sustainable life. “You are the weakest link…goodbye!”
Jun 29, 2017 by MatthewKNorton