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Used gentimycin for 7 days prior these drops for pink eye that did not  clear in both eyes (still had goop in corners...was green, but then yellow & still there)

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serious side effects are not expected to occur with the use of this medication.

Some Burning, Stinging, irritation, itching, redness, blurred vision, eyelid i tchign, eyelid swelling, or sensitivity to light may occur.

No need to worry!!

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Thank you!!

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It feels like that because these are the side effects caused by this medicine.

Tobradex is used to treat bacterial infections of the eyes. Tobradex is available in generic form. 

Common side effects of Tobradex include eye redness, discomfort, burning, stinging, irritation, itching, eyelid itching/swelling, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light.

Use of Tobradex for prolonged/repeated periods may result in new fungal eye infection and may increase your risk for other eye problems (e.g., glaucoma, cataracts). So you should not use it continuously that you were doing. 

And if you still have any issues then you must consult Eye Specialist in Faridabad who can help you with the after-effects of the continuous use of Tobradex

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