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Reprap Wiki has recommended lots of NEMA17 stepper motors for 3D Printers.
Besides price consideration, what do you need for your 3d printer building, a Nema17 stepper motor?
1. 5mm motor shaft is most popular and you could find pulley for it easily. A flat shaft 5mm is good choice for the extruder.
2. 4 lead wires as long as possible. 700mm lead wires w/ both connectors for Motor and Electronic Boards are recommend.
3. The motor supplier can supply you with T2.5 16 gears Pulley or GT2 20 teeth Pulley in the same time. T2.5 or GT2 belt available.
4. Threaded rod NEMA17 stepper motor are supplied for your Z axis.

Any more you want? We do the best.

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