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I was about to win a game with leeroy jenkins and the enemy had a knife juggler, the knife juggler card says after YOU summon a minion deal 1 damage to a random enemy. Leeroy's card says summon 2 1/1 whelps FOR your opponent. Even though I summoned the 2 whelps FOR my opponent the knife juggler deal 2 damage to my leeroy and killed him. The knife juggler is suppose to deal 1 damage "after YOU summon a minion" not when a minnion is summoned on your side. I thought the grammar was spot on in hearth and i still love the game but Either fix this or reword knife jugglers card to say when ever a minion is summoned on your side or something so no one has to get cheesed by grammar again?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



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