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C2-3: Unremarkable

C3-4: Unremarkable

C4-5: Small disc bulging associated causing no significant foraminal narrowing.

C5-6: Disc osteophyte complex associated with bilateral vertebral joint hypertrophy causing mild bilateral foraminal narrowing, right greater than left.

C6-7: Small disc bulging causing no significant foraminal narrowing.

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You can cure your neck problem with holistic healing in 20days.

Holistic healing method or detoxificaton method

You should immediately avoid
1. all types of milk products
2.all types of sweets made of sugar,jaggery,honey,,
3.all sweet fruits,

5.all types of protein powders,dry fruits,cashewnuts,almonds,pistha,walnuts
6.all medicines..

You can eat rice and wheat and jowar items.You can eat oranges,
seeded grapes,green apples,yellow apples..
You have to drink juice of 30 coriander leaves,20gms of celery,7 spinach leaves,3 betel leaves, 10 gms of ginger and 15 gm of bittergourd,unfiltered..

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This holistic healing method cures following diseases.----
B.p,sugar,headache,hair fall,dandruff,itching of scalp,
scalp eczema,pimples,
cataract in eyes,itching in eyes
and watering of eyes,short sight and long sight,
retinal problems,

t.b.,asthma,sinusitis,polys in nose,running of nose with

tonsils,ulcers on tongue,hoarse voice,snoring,

gingivitis,swelling of gums,zaw lockup,loose teeth,
teeth decay,pain in teeth,tartar on teeth,

different types of thyroid problems, neck pain,

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