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Irregular periods are called therapeutically oligomenorrhea, which is considered to be a very common problem among women. Due to many factors such as weight loss, medical conditions and lifestyle, this common problem has the ability to withstand unwanted stress and stress, which helps us to look around safe and natural solutions. Here is a list of some effective natural methods, so that you can bring your period early(When it is irregular)- Cumin, Carom seeds, Papaya, Ginger Tea, Celery Juice, Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Vitamin C Foods, Jaggery, Turmeric. More you can read at periods jaldi lane ke upay. If this will fail to bring your periods consult to a good gynecologist.

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I think you should consult with experienced Gynecologist so they can understand your situation and you can tell everything so that she can consult you whether you are pregnant or not or having some gastrology issue.

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There can be many reasons responsible for delay of your periods such as stress, low body weight, obesity, PCOS, chronic diseases, pre-menopause, pregnancy & many others. 

I'll recommend you to consult a gynecologist and find out the exact possible cause of it so that you can get it treated. 

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Dr. Pratima Poddar Gynaecology Clinic - best gynecologist in Jaipur

Nowadays in women infertility rates uprising as a consequence she has been tormented by their in-laws. Have you felt why women only have to carry burden, why man refused to get tested the reason is obvious due to their ego issues and shame? Most women seem to fear a visit to a gynaecologist due to grave misconceptions about sex and sexual health from Best gynecologist in Jaipur.

What is Gynaecology?

Gynaecology is the medical practices counterpart with health of female reproductive system such as ovaries, vagina, & uterus and the breast.  Although if you are women who faced fertility issues in conceiving baby then get visit to her she gives you symptom treatment hope very soon you will enjoy your motherhood from best gynecologist in raja park.

About Dr Pratima Poddar

Dr Pratima Poddar is the best lady doctor in Jaipur holds specialization in gynaecology, laparoscopy surgery and IVF treatment successfully solved many cases with a fine track record. best infertility center in Jaipur give women courage by bringing open conversation about sensitive and intimate problems. As a patient you must be ask your gynaecologist about periods, conception, infertility, menopause which people still refuse to delineate openly in modern India too.

Get our twice weekly women’s health wellness program

However, in order to help patients, we will run a programme, here we talk honestly with women about their nutrition, body and fitness. Our Gynaecologist take opinions, discuss issues in order to perceive changes in future. Overall it is a women awareness program. We offer wide range of gynecoid services from general to specialized. Our team of specialized doctors evaluate and treat women with malignancies by integrating the latest therapy of complex pelvic surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. We facilitate advanced techniques in treating and diagnosing the gynaecologic condition. For women and new-borns who need special care, we monitor all factors and make sure to stay top of vaccines and screening. Our specialist doctor Pratima Poddar along with his team detect problems in the areas of:


Vulvar pain

Urinary incontinence

Male infertility

Sexually transmitted diseases

Endocrinology and infertility

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

To take appointment you can contact us on our given no and fix a date to avoid any hassle.

For more info: best infertility hospital in Jaipur

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