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I am knew to the boards but have a few questions about my vision problems. That has been diagnosed with: Progressive high (degenerative) Myopia, Cystoid Macular Degeneration, Retinoschisis (juvenile X-linked), Regular Astigmatism, 3 cataracts in my left eye and 2 cataracts in my right eye additionally 6 retinal holes (3 in each eye) with Lattice degeneration in my peripheral(s). My Visual acuity in my left eye is 20/100 and my right eye is 20/200. As a result of these eye conditions my vision is COMPLETELY distorted - it's blurred and doubled ALL THE TIME! This seems like a lot for one set of eyes to have to deal with.
My depth perception is off and often can not tell when the ground or floor changes (e.g., step up and/or step down) as a result I often trip up and down stairs, fall and stumble. I was thinking about getting a walking stick/identification stick for the visually impaired, but have not talked to my retinal specialist about this yet. Does anyone think this would be a helpful tool for me or should I wait until my doctor brings it up.
The local non-profit center for sight can outfit me with audio equipment but because my vision is so distorted they can not help me with visual tools like telescopes for my glasses?

Please help.

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I 'll suggest you not find any solution over the internet because the eye is a very delicate part of the human body and it needs to be treated properly. You should go and consult an eye specialist for sure.

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