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I am 49years old.. My periods stopped one year ago.. which i think due to the effect of menopause. Bt suddenly after one year, there was bleeding for few days.. After check up my doctor said that my endometrium lining is 11.7mm. I want to know if there is any danger for such value and pla tell me the process of getting cure asap. Reply please.

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Postmenopausal bleeding is always a reason for getting it checked out. It would be important to know what was your doctors conclusion after she measured your endometrial thickness - the normal thickness of the endometrium is below 4mm, and 11mm is definietly an indication for an endometrial biopsy (taking a sample and investigating it).

It is important to know if you are taking any medicaments for menopausal symptoms, maybe? In that case, a thicker endometrium could be caused by those.

Reasons for postmenopauseal bleeding can be totally benign, but unfortunately sometimes also malignant and in that case the sooner the diagnosis is being made, the better are the chances.

I would hardly suggest you to visit a doctor and interrogate him about the background of this hyperplasia and about doing a biopsy, to rule out a malignant process.

With best wishes, a going-to-be-doctor in a few months