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Hey guys, i wrote a short essay and would like to ask someone here to proofread it. of course i could buy college essay still thought of trying my luck here:

The Republican Party determined decades ago that it opposed public education, for the simple reason that educated people do not vote for the illogical, ideological absurdities that are GOP "policies." The party began with a two-prong push in the 1970s and early 1980s: 1) eliminate all funding for Civics classes, in which students learn about American democracy and how our government works (or is supposed to work); 2) run "stealth candidates" for local school boards, beginning in Texas and gradually throughout the country, who would run on a platform of "support public education" but, once elected, work to eliminate fact-based education on evolution and other scientific theories that put the lie to silly biblical creation myths. Many of these candidates actually signed pledges, in secret, in order to get the backing of the GOP evangelical committees that supported them. 
Beginning in the early 1990s, the GOP expanded its targets to include promoting charter schools -- run by private groups with no accountability, but getting public funding -- so as to weaken and ultimately destroy public education; opposing teacher unions; and denying climate science. Along with that three-pronged expansion, the Republicans began to downgrade the study of history, geography, English literature, and all the other "liberal arts" -- because 1) "they're LIBERAL"; and 2) they teach students to inquire, analyze, think for themselves, which are the three aspects of an educated populace that terrify the Republican Party. 
Our Founding Fathers said, over and over, that an educated population was essential to the workings of democracy; our democratic republic required an informed electorate. The Republican Party opposes democracy, and therefore they focus their unlimited funds and multigenerational commitment to destroying public education. 
Sound like a conspiracy theory? Look at the facts from the past 50 years, and draw your own conclusions. And be very afraid, because they're succeeding.

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