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This is an important thing to know before installing a humidifier in your home. Babies have generally very sensitive skin and respiratory system as well. When indoor humidity drops less than 10 percent during the winter season, irritation may be found in the skin, nose, and lungs of the babies. The viruses also grow massively in this cold and dry air condition. If a baby is attacked with the respiratory infection, it can’t take the strong medicine like the adults. So, the humidifier for babies is now frequently suggested especially during the dry winter season.

Humidifier has a good number of benefits on the baby’s health. The benefits can be pointed as below.

  • It releases the baby from cold symptoms and congestion by moisturizing the condition.
  • Helps them to cure fast.
  • Keeps them more comfortable to fight against cold and cough.
  • Humidifier for kids helps to keep the skin healthy.
  • Humidifiers help the children to have a sound sleep.
  • The soft hum of a humidifier provides the baby a great sleep.

Thus, there is no doubt that humidifier for the kids is one of the most important factors. But some cautionary steps should be taken to keep the device in good condition.

The precaution measures are as below-

  • It should be kept dry between uses.
  • Distilled water should be used instead of tap water in the humidifier for babies.
  • It should be cleaned and disinfected carefully and regularly.
  • And It should be kept unplugged and out of reach.

Types Of Humidifier

  • Cool mist humidifier
  • Warm mist humidifier

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