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I have had 3 fistulas since the start of this year. I got an MRI done 3 months ago and my general surgeon said the fistula is a bit complicated and referred me to a colorectal surgeon. 

I had an appointment with the surgeon today and I finally got the detailed explanation I needed. So 1 fistula is simple and 2 fistulas are complex with a few branches. The surgeon looked at my blood work and MRI and said that surgery shouldn't be my first line of treatment. 

He thinks I am still not controlling my flare. I am currently on Azathioprine and I am symptom free and my GI said my blood work was good and disease was well controlled. The colorectal surgeon suggested I go on biologics (Remicade?) and hope it closes the fistula. 

I am clearly not interested in taking Remicade since the side effects are't worth it and Azathioprine seem to be keeping my disease in check. 

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