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A little background info: I was diagnosed with IBS a long time ago. Randomly started having diarrhoea 3 years ago (No history prior to this) In this time have had 3 big attacks lasting one month of continuous diarrhoea and tonnes of smaller ones lasting one day to a week ish. Last summer was the worst ever, had D for 4 months solid coupled with mucous and crippling abdominal pain that left me curled up in a ball. Got refered for a colonoscopy but they couldn't complete it due to my bowel being to tightly looped so they couldn't say whether I had crohns or not. Since things eventually calmed down, I was told it was probably IBS and left to get on with it.

For the last week I have been suffering with bad abdominal pain that's been getting worse, to the point where today I couldn't stand up and almost passed out when I did. I haven't had D until today. The pain is the same as last year, I'm wondering is this the kind of thing that would happen with a crohns flare? Is it possible to have crohns and be symptom free for periods of time if you're not on meds?

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