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I started a walking / jogging program about 5 weeks ago.  I've been steadily progressing, walking less and jogging more, without any real problems.  The last two times I've worked out I experienced a strange sensation in the back of my legs after exercise.  It felt like tiny bubbles were popping all up and down the backs of my legs- especially in my thighs.  It does not hurt in the least.  In fact, it's actually a pleasant feeling.  I stretch well before and after exercising.  It is during the stretching that I notice the feeling, but I think it starts when I'm running.  I'm just too busy to notice it then.  Should I be concerned about this?

Thank you!!

Reference http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Exercise--Fitness/Light-Tingling---Popping-Sensation-in-Legs-After-Jogging/show/8347

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