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What percentage of weight loss and maintaining that loss do you attribute to your diet and what percentage to your exercise routine?  Is either more important than the other overall?  

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Reference http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Exercise--Fitness/What-do-you-think-is-most-important-to-losing-and-maintaining-weight-loss-/show/2989207

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I can suggest you 7 simple steps on how to lose weight in Hindi using very simple lifestyle changes and habits.


1. Stop Dieting

2. Eat and Avoid Certain things as mentioned in the attached article

3. Regular Exercise, etc

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Herbal Products can Help You Lose Weight Quickly. Herbal Herbs Is Very Effective For Weight Loss. But my suggestion and advice manage your time for exercise otherwise pick up herbal product for decreasing your weight. Here an article on the herbal product, you can check on the top herbal herbs which are very effective for weight loss.

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