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Hello Ewallace,

can you please clear out your question? I couldn't get your question or problem.

There are many reasons that are capable of hair loss

Few of them are like:

1. Genetics/Hereditary: Family history of hair loss. It can lead you to Pattern baldness

2. Hormonal: In Males, DHT is the main reason, while in females hormonal reasons can be like hormonal imbalance shooting un-necessary hair growth.

3. Diseases & therapy in drugs heavy therapies like Cancer Medication etc

4. Nutritional causes: Insufficiency of vitamins and mineral & overall nutrition through Diet.

5. Telogen effluvium: Hair loss due to stress.

At any point of time if you feel like losing hairs, then you must consult dermatologist without wasting time as it may lead to permanent hair loss & ultimately baldness

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