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Findings: Posterior alignment shows a minimal 1 to 2 mm anterior sublaxtion of L5 on S1.   The verterbal body heights are maintained.   Postsurgical changes L5-S1 with pedicale screws and fusion rods.   Bilateral laminectomies.   L4 laminectomy.

The cord ends at the L1-2 level.

L2-3: Neuroformina and spinal canal widely patent.

L2-3: Neural formina and spinal canal widely patent.

L3-4: Facet arthropathy with ligamentum flavum buckling.   Neural foramina and spinal canal widely patent.

L4-5: Postsurgical changes.   Annular bulge and facet arthropathy creating mild bilaterial neural foraminal narrowing.   Spinal canal appears widely patent.

L5-S1: Post surgical changes.   Neural foraminal and spinal canal widely patent.

and my xray showed:

Lumbar spine demonstrated.  Interpedicle screws at L5-S1.   Mild left convexity mid lumbar scoliosis.   Mild disc space narrowing L3-4,L4-5, and L5-S1.

Plz help if you can....  Thank you in advance.  Lee

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