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With all the buzz these days over LEDs (one estimate is that 90% of all new lights being purchased in the U.S. are LEDs), the old reliable halogen curing light seems destined for the archives. It has been castigated for being heavy, still tethered to the base unit with a cord, noisy due to its fan, and possessing old technology.

On the other hand, LEDs are being touted as being on the leading edge of technology for numerous consumer and business applications. Along with nanotechnology, LEDs are blazing hot and getting hotter by the minute. It is difficult to dispute the attraction of LED dental  curing lights.

Nevertheless, while we acknowledge the obvious appeal of these lights, some of them, especially the simpler versions, have significant drawbacks. The most significant ones are lack of timers, small tips, and the inability to cure beyond 3-4 minutes.

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Yes Halogen Lights are absolete. You may visit our blog post on histrory of dental light cure systems


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