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I went with my son to a baby swimming lesson in a small pool (indoor pool) which has warm water (it felt like the water temperature was 37-38 i am not good to calculate but it was very warm) and you couldnt avoid getting water in your nose because of the children and babies keep splashing all the time and the instructor often made the babies fully submerge their heads underwater. I am so afraid about me and the baby and of course the other adults and babies. They informed me that the pool uses ozon and they also use an overflow system so the water keeps refreshing all the time. But apart from these i cant know if the concentrations of ozon are enough, if ozon is enough to kill Neagleria and i am so terrified. I feel somehow weird on my head now (its the second day since we went on Saturday morning) and i feel i might have fever, i am so anxious. What are the chances??

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