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The duration of Nicotine stay in the body depends upon the amount and type of tobacco used. A reliable indicator of Nicotine use is cotinine that effectively detect the presence of Nicotine in the body. Several tests have been used to detect the presence of Nicotine and can reliably   detect Nicotine as short as 2 days, or as long as 3 months. Nicotine testing is usually performed to detect use of tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Following consumption, Nicotine is metabolized into cotinine by lungs and liver and subsequently excreted into the urine. Cotinine is a very reliable marker for Nicotine test and easily detectable in urine, blood as well as in saliva. A number of tests are available for quantitative as well as qualitative detection of Nicotine from blood, urine, and saliva.

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