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Yesterday morning I ripped my Frenulum and there was extreme bleeding for long time. I went to see a doctor but I as the doctor was a lady, I became ashamed and didn't ask her properly.
I did some research online - a lot of people were going with antibiotics, creams or stitching. So how do I know that I have a tear that needs antibiotics or stitching?
Also, that I have a tear in my frenulum and bleeding has stopped, is there any treatment to prevent injury for second time and so it doesn't get torn again.
I got hit on my penis while I was with my girlfriend. My crotch area is still sore and it has been over a day. I'm getting slightly worried.

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It should heal back just as normal, however it may reoccur in incidents as what you describe. This may produce a mild scarring, which may shorten the length of the frenulum, in which case you may need an incision to correct it.

Read more about the problem of torn frenulum here.

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