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i live in Canada.  My dog passed away 1 week ago from Citrobacter Freundii.  She was extremely sick with diarrhea and on our way to the vet she was constantly vomiting in the car.  Needless to say were into it up to our elbow.  When i look back i realized that she must have had it for quite some time.  She had surgery for a vaginal infection,  then back for antibiotic for a breathing infection,  finally towards the end she was behaving most strangely and was full of neurosis ie; over protective.  Now my husband has sever diarrhea for over 30 hrs. We went to emergency at the hospital and they took a stool culture.  I feel that I am not being taken seriously since the doctor has never heard of this bacteria.  How long is the culture on stools should take? would the doctor order a different test? Would a blood test be more accurate?. Because that bacteria is also found in the natural flora of the intestine would this give a false-positive result?  I have another dog should I get her tested? she's not showing any symptom.  Please help I'm scared out of my mind.

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