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Hi, I have been normal with bms my whole life for the most part. Every morning. About a month ago I started to feel bloated and full & just uncomfortable and then realized I hadn't had a BM in days. I immediately started taking Colace stool softener, which have worked in the past, but nothing this time. Another 3 days past so I upped the does and took 3 a day and MiriLax powder once a day, still nothing. A few days later I tried fleet glycerin suppository and NOTHING! THE following day did another suppository & finally had a bm, but it was very thin, pencil thin and long, and I bit sticky, which is not the norm for me at all. 2 days later, tonight a made a home made mineral oil and fleet enema laid on left side held in for 10 mins and had BM, but it was more like diarrhea and some pencil thin stool mixed in. I'm starting to really get scared and I've gained 8 pounds in the last month too, eww to think it could  all be fecal matter is is very useful settling. Guessing my next step is my Dr, which I'm dreading due to embarrassment as Dr and I are somewhat friends...ugh. PLEASE ANY ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS AND/OR HELP would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
 Thanks in advance to anyone how comments.
  Have a blessed day

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