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Hello. I recently came to Brazil as my Mother passed away, so I'm under some stress. I took a shower and cleaned my nose with a wet finger...then got worried about N fowleri. After realising the water is very much chlorinated, the worry began to subside. I then washed my face with cool welwater that had been running for some time,  and wouldn't you know it, a small drop of water got into my nose and now I can't stop thinking about it! I did blow my nose and then dried the inside with a napkin. 2 days later, I do feel a bit warm,  but it is hot here. I don't think I have symptoms of the infection as I feel hungry and am a bit tired, but I can't seem to shake my fear. I do have a slight headache, and some soreness in my shoulders. Google is making things worse, lol. Help!!

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