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can the dead cells of a probiotic urianting out normally cause a false positive in A urine test for white blood cells?Plus

d-mannos a sugar enzyme given for uti infections , as the bacteria try to eat the sugar and attach and then are uribnated out could that cause a false positive as well?

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Leukocytes are considered as a type of white blood cell. When urine has shown positive sign for leukocytes then there is certainly an infection. You can undergo this test in pathology or perform with the help of home dipstick test kit present in the market. Its normal range remains 0 - 10 leu/ul, if it is more than this range, the test result is positive. To underlying infection you can use antibacterial medication such as Trimpex, Polycillin, Floxin, Noroxin, Cipro orTrovan, however it’s better to consult a doctor before applying anything.