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About a month ago, I began having severe headaches that woke me up in the middle of the night. A family member who is a doctor felt strongly that I should see my GP.  My GP had a series of blood tests run. The results have come back and everything looks good, but I do have two concerns. One thing is that the test results changed from yesterday to today. The website where I check my test results acknowledges that they have been "updated" since I last looked at them. Is this a standard practice? I am guessing that possibly since the results may have looked odd to my doctor, she asked them to rerun the test from the original sample and maybe they found that the person who did them the first time did not count properly. Does this happen or is there some other reason they would update test results on the same blood sample? The second concern is that since my last series of blood test, two years ago, my lymphocyte percentage has doubled. It is still within the normal range, but I am wondering if there is any concern with that increasing from 20.1 to 40.1.  Also, my neutrophil percentage seems to have decreased quite a bit, from 66.4 to 46.3 in the same timeframe. Again, it is still within the normal range. These are the figures that concern me when I was looking at my test results yesterday. Yesterday, however my lymphocytes were 48% and the neutrophils were lower than in the updated results. I doubt it is anything of concern, but want to verify since I have felt quite fatigued lately and have experienced aches throughout my body not associated with exercise or injury. One thing that may be important to note is that I have been a regular platelet donor, but over the past nine months have not donated platelets.

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