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I had an ovarian cyst with blood supply 3 months ago. I had an internal ultrasound appointment with the gyn and i specifically asked for a female as i'm not comfortable with a male dr to look at my hoohaa. So even though it was highlighted I got told it was only male available on that day so i had to rescedule. I got a date after a month  with a female Gyn so last month when i went to my appointment she was off sick and a junior saw me. She took the history and did not do the ultrasound and said they ll send me a letter for my next appointment. I havent still got a letter and it s almost 5 weeks. I moved house last week so i'm registering with my Gp tomorrow. We have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now. And i take a home pregnancy test every month. Sometimes twice a month. And it s always negative. So I checked today and there was a dark and a very faint 2nd line. So it got my hopes up. I went to work and bought a clearblue digital pregnancy strip. I checked on my break and it showed i'm 2-3 weeks pregnant. My period was due three days ago. But due to the cyst the periods hve been irregular. I was over the moon on the result but also read online that the cysts give false positive results. Am i pregnant or is it the cyst? I know my gp will explain but i cant wait. Anyone knows about this?

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