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Hi , My name is Prajwal. My brother is a 21-yr-old male. My brother was not feeling uneasy so one day he booked a doctor’s appointment for the next day.  The doctor sent him straight to the hospital saying he had low platelets. The doctor was right . He had his platelets count up to 147000 after a day he felt uneasy and he was admitted to the Holy Spirit Hospital in Mumbai. My brothers platelet count was 4000 on 13 September , the doctors gave him a platelet transfusion on 13 September .  His count went up to 7000 on the next day , then to 10000 on the next day morning and then to 11000 in the evening at the same day.  At this time he also had mouth bleeds and also blood coming from stools ,which was very uncomfortable to him .They checked his platelet count every two times a day .

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Your history is not full.

Visit medishared.org for more details.

Had your brother ?


Joint pain

Mosquito bite and breed at home

Any family history of Blood cancer.

He should require another platelets and if require Bone Marrow Aspiration examination is mandatory after stabilization of platelets to rule out malignancy.

To put your full history visit medishared.org

thank you.
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