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WBC15.88 10e3 /uLH4.00-11.00Final
RBC3.97 10e6/uL3.90-5.00Final
HGB11.6 g/dL11.6-15.6Final
HCT35.1 %L37.0-47.0Final
MCV88.4 fL79.0-99.0Final
MCH29.2 pg26.0-32.6Final
MCHC33.0 g/dL31.0-36.0Final
RDW12.9 %12-15Final
PLTS334 10e3/uL130-400Final
MPV9.8 fLH6.2-9.1Final
NEUT71.0 %44-88Final
LYMP15.3 %12-43Final
MONO7.7 %2.0-11.0Final
EOS5.0 %0.0-6.0Final
BASO0.6 %0.0-2.0Final
*IMMATURE GRAN0.4 %0.0-0.4Final
NRBC0.0 %0.0-0.1Final

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