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My question pertains to the lumber spine.  Specifically the L4-5 and the L5-S1

L4-5:  3MM broad based disc bulge and facet hypertrophy cause mild bilateral neural foramina narrowing.  No spinal stenosis.

L5-S1:  Severe intervertebral disc space narrowing, moderate degenerative endplate changes and mild marrow edema.  2MM broad disc osteophyte complex with a left foraminal component and facet hypertrophy causes moderate to severe left and mild right neural foraminal narrowing.  Appears to have been a left keyhole laminectomy.  No abnormal enhancement.


L4-5 Intervertebral disc bulge

L5-S1 Advanced degenerative changes, 2mm broad disc osteophyte complex with left foramina component, moderate to severe left (correlate for any exiting L5 radiculopathic symptoms on the left) and mild right neural foramina narrowing.  Apparent post surgical changes involving the left lamina.

I'm a 57 year old female in generally good health.  I had a laminectomy in 2014.  All physical activities are limited due to the pain in both legs, toes, back of both thighs, buttocks and constant stinging in my lower back, mostly the right side.  My left thigh is always numb and feels and any sitting or standing for more than 10 minutes results in stabbing pains in the back of my thighs.

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