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this is a findings CLINICAL DATA: Lumbar disc displacement EXAM: MRI LUMBAR SPINE WIYH CONTRAST TECHNIQUE: MULTIPLANAR,MULTISEQUENCE MR IMAGING WAS PERFORMED. NO INTRAVENOUS CONTRAST WAS ADMINISTERRD. COMPARISON: None. FINDINGS: no marrow signal abnormality suggestive of fracture, infection, or neoplasm. Normal conus signal and morphology. No perispinal abnormality to explain back pain. Degenerative changes: L1-L2: disc narrowing and desiccation with chronic L1 inferior end-plate irregularity. L4-L5: Disk desiccation and bulging, slightly eccentric to the left where there is now and effacement of the inferior foramen. Minimal facet deterioration with marginal spurs. L5-S1: disc disticction and height lost with mild bulging. No neural impingement. Minimal facet degeneration with Marginal Spurs. IMPRESSION: Mild lower lumbar degenerative discs and facet changes. No nerve impingement or focal herniation. My main problem is I am in extreme pain when sleeping and it's hard for me to move out of the bed but when I'm up it gets better sometimes I have leg weaknesses and pain down my leg is this telling me there is nothing wrong with my back that would cause the pain I'm having thank you

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