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L2/L3  There is facet hypertrophy and a broad based disc bulge.  It is accentuated in the left neural foramen resulting in moderate left neural foramin stenosis

L3/L4  there is facet hypertrophy and a broad based disc bulge. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.

L4/L5  There is marked facet hypertrophy.  The patient is status post right hemilaminectomy.  The disc bulge is accentuated in the left neural foramen.  There is mild right and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis.  There is mild central canal stenosis.

L5/S1  There is facet hypertrophy and a broad based disc bulge.  There is a small central protrusion.  There is mild central canal stenosis.  There is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.  

says is similiar to previous also said

L4/L5  broad based disc osteophyte complex

only visualized on the sagittal imaging is apparent ligamentum flavum hypertrophy at the T10/T11 level likely producing at least milld canal stenosis appears worse when compared with prior study.  There is disc dessication and degeneration of especially the lower lumbar discs.  Spondylosis and degenerative endplate changes are again noted at L4/L5.

also said apparent worsening liamentum flavum hypertrophy in the lower thoracic spineproducing some likely worsening canal stenosis.  Consider dedicated thoracic spine imaging if indicated.

I had a hemilaminectomy at L4/L5 in 1999, after a work injury in 1994 caused problems at only L4/L5 and L5/S1, all other damage has resulted since then.

in 2011 MRI said L4/L5 minimalk broad based disc bulge producing minimal flattening of the anterior aspect of the thecal sac but no significant canal stenosis and slight right foraminal narrowing with mild left foraminal narrowing.

Cervical MRI

motion somewhat limits the examination.  There is normal appearance of the craniovertebral junction.  There is  normal signal within the substance of the cord. There is apparent fusioin at L5/L6. There is disc dessication and degeneration of the cervical discs.  Vertebral body hemangioma is noted at C5.

C4/C5  mild broad based disc bulge produces minimal to mild canal stenosis and slight left foraminal narrowing

C5/C6   minimal central disc protrusion or osteophyte formation produces no significnt canal stenosis or foraminal narrowing.

C6/C7  broad based disc bulge produces mild canal stenosis and mild bilateral foraminal narrowing.

I had a cervical fusion at C5/C6 in 2002 following a car accident, but only damage after accident was at C5/C6 all damage now has been since the surgery.

i am presently 48 year old female have had problems with my back since i was 28 and bent over catch patient falling from bed as a LPN and fell causing injury to L4/L5 and L5/S1.  I had a MVA in 2002. I was determined disabled in 1997, at age 30, have been ever since.  I have osteoarthritis in most joints ( spine, both knees, both hips, both shoulders, both hands and feet, and jaw joints. I was told in 2014 I had hip dysplasia after having a total right hip replacement.  My back pain just keeps getting worse and causing more pain in my hips left and even right and legs.  Pain is so severe when stand or walk for even 15 minutes and intensity decreases as soon as i sit or bend forward, but if im sit or lay long, i have severe pain when getting up and after get up, I cant stand, sit, walk, lay anything for even short time. the back pain itself is worse than ever and the hip, leg pain is too and weakness and instability in hips and legs. Ive been diagnosed with cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease,  sacroilitis,  lumbar sponylosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia.  I have gained over 25 pounds in last year, I was never thin before i was about 190 and now 215-218, this isnt helping, but I cant stand or walk for any amount of time, but i cant sit or lay either. I dont eat much, I eat healthy, I quit smoking 2 yrs ago, I havent drank any alcohol in 6 years. I am gaining weight because Im in too much pain to get even simple exercize.  Ive  had epidural injections, facet joint injections at L2,L3,L4, and L5, right sacroiliac joint injections, and radiofrequency ablasion at L2-S1, none help for any length of time and not enough to outweigh the risks I have researched about these injections with Marcaine and Depo-Medrol..Depo-Medrol isnt even FDA approved for epidural injections, that scares me, but if it helped much, In wouldnt care...Its not worth it.. Surgery scares me because after i was injured it only affected L4-S1 and now i have lumbar injury from L2-S1 and even thoracic.

I would like some suggestions if possible..Thank You.

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Hello comma as a chronic back pain sufferer with similar results from your MRI comma would first address pain and depression. Suboxone is a non-opioid non addicting pain killer the works like no other. Cymbalta is an antidepressant that gave me hope and happiness for the first time and 10 years. Best of luck
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Chronic Back Pain suffers may benefit greatly with regular visits to their local Chiropractor.  Many times all it takes is a few adjustments for back pain management.

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dysplasia, itchy
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