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i got married last year. Trying to have a baby.. I have been diagnosed with PCOS.. I have irregular periods and doctor suggested to have saphire from 3 days of my periods for 5 days. and she suggested myocysts powder and folic acid for 30 days. Also she suggested duphaston 10mg from 18th day of cycle for 15 days. I have stopped duphaston from yesterday as 15 days completed and today is my 33rd day. Will i have chance to get pregnant? :(

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PCOS is a common hormonal condition in women. You can struggle to become pregnant and are at higher risk of developing complications during pregnancy. 

However, as you are trying to manage your symptoms of PCOS and taking the medications provided by the gynecologist & by managing the symptoms, many women with PCOS can become pregnant and have a healthy baby.

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