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I went in to get my four molars removed on January 29th, 2016. because I vomited I saw the blood clot from my lower right side get dislodged. although it was more painful than the other 3 sides, I never got treatment for it and the pain slowly subsided and would only cause sensitivity sometimes. Now, months later, the pain somehow started up      . It occurs when i speak or drink liquids, I'm assuming because of air getting in. But, just this morning as I was brushing my teeth, water mixed with toothpaste went to my lower right side and caused an extreme amount of pain that starts at the site and almost feels as it it shoots up my ear and makes my lip twitch. I tried gargling with salt water and the same amount of very bad pain occurred, but i feel zero pain when i push my bottom and top teeth together. It seems to only occur when air and liquids get in. Just by glancing at the site, I see no big hole with any exposed bone where by tooth used to

Be.  Can this still be considered dry socket even though it's months later? Can it heal on its own? 

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