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I'm a 17 year old healthy female. About 8 months ago I started experiencing a light throbbing pain in my right groin. It went away after a few days but began to come back every couple weeks or so. It's now more painful and feels like an intense pulsing. I don't feel it all the time, but when I do, it hurts a lot. It doesn't feel sharp, but it feels very 'focused' on this one small area. There aren't any lumps or swelling, so I know it's not lymph nodes or a hernia. (I can tell it's definitely not joints/ligaments/muscle, because 1) I never injured it, and 2) I've felt pain in joints/muscles and it feels very different.) I'm a bit panicked because I read up on the arteries in that area and all the life-threatening conditions it could be. Is it possible for a young healthy woman to experience a femoral aneurysm? Maybe a blood clot?? Has anyone else experienced groin pain like this for so long?? Advice is appreciated; I'm getting a bit scared here...

I'm not overweight, not very physically active, I don't smoke, and I don't recall a family history of aneurysms. But I'm still scared :(

Also, I've been experiencing pain in the same leg today. It's kinda achy, but there's some sharp shooting pains too. It's mostly in the thigh, but there's also pain in the calf and a lot around the knee area, and even my foot hurts. My leg also feels unusually cold. No swelling or discoloration, though. 

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