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I have recently had ankle surgery to remove cartilage and 3 cysts in the ankle joint. It has been 8 days since the operation and I am experiencing numbness under my foot, burning pain , pins and needle like pain and electric like shocks through me foot. I spoke with my surgeon two days ago and he has said to give it two more weeks to settle down, as in the swelling etc. he said he hopes there is no damage that has been done by the arthroscope. My ankle is swallon.will this cause trapment of the nerves creating this problem?  Is it common for this to happen after ankle surgery ? Will it go away? The pain is out of this world and even the use of strong opioid medications arnt relieving me of the pain.... Please help

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Its old topic but I like to answer. Opioid never treat your pain and anxiety. Although there are few natural herbals like Kratom strains is quite popular these days in US and all over the worlds, but they actually work on your receptors to control the pain for just few hours. When you stopped taking these opioids, the pain emerge back and you will then addicted to these herbs forever.

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If you are facing Ankle and Nerve pain then you can consult Acupuncturists in Mumbai, who can help you without allopathy medication.

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A neuron is a highly specialized cell, and the axon requires a fair amount of support to be able to function so far from the cell body. However, during injury they also support the neuron, since it is now lacking what is called trophic support from the organ that it is targeting, whether this be skin or muscle with https://www.wubmed.org/blog/nervexol-what-is-it/ Schwann cells can make up some of the signals that it is supposed to be receiving and help keep it alive long enough to reach its target.

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