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Non-Con Lumbar spine MRI Findings:

Desiccation and loss of disc height at L4-L5 with a posterior annular tear.

Predominately fatty endplate signal changes at L4-L5. Lumbar vertebral bodies otherwise demonstrate normal height, alignment, and marrow signal. Remaining disc are preserved in height with mild multilevel desiccation.

The conus medullar is terminates at the T12-L1 level is normal in contour, caliber and signal.  Probable perineurial cyst wishing the right T11-T12 neural foramen.  The visualized paraspinal soft tissues are unremarkable.

Circumaortic left renal vein. Cyst within the upper pole of the left kidney not significantly changed from June 2013.

Axial Imaging:

T10-T11: Mild facet arthritis with minimal mass effect on the thecal sac.  no Significant central spinal canal stenosis.

L2-L3: Moderate diffuse disc bulge and bilat facet hypertrophy with ligament flavor redundancy. No significant central spinal canal stenosis. Mild contact of the transiting right L3 nerve root in lateral recess. Mild right neuroforaminal narrowing.

L3-L4: diffuse disc bulge with a superimposed left foramina broad-based disc protrusion. Bilateral facet hypertrophy and ligament flack redundancy the mild central spinal canal stenosis measuring 9 mm in AP dimension. Significant narrowing of the left lateral recess with contact and deflection of the trusting L4 nerve root. Mild right and moderate to sever left neuroforaminal narrowing. Extraforaminal contact of the exiting left L3 nerve root.

L4-L5: Diffuse disc bulge eccentric to the left with posterior annular tear. Mild central spinal canal stenosis measuring 9 mm in AP dimension. Narrowing of both lateral recesses with contact of the transiting left L5 nerve root

Mild right and mild to moderate left neuroforaminal narrowing.

L5-S1: Shallow broad based posterior disc protrusion. No Significant central spinal canal stenosis or neuroforaminal narrowing.


Multilevel degenerative changes most pronounced at L3-L4 and L4-L5 as described above.  Recommend surgical consultation.

Looking for alternatives to surgery.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  This pain rapidly progressed over the last 6 weeks.  i am now unable to walk 10 ft with out severe pain and whole left leg going numb.

Thank you in advance of your response

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