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I'm a 14 year old in a half female and I wanted to know what I could possibly have. You see I'm on my second day of my period and when I lay back going to sleep I can usually feel a heartbeat in my lower left stomach. I can feel a sensation of something and when I touch it it feels like a heartbeat. I'm 4"11 and I weigh 127 lbs I'm overweight. I know I'm not pregnant I'm still a virgin but I don't know what it could be? I've heard it's normal for thin people and that it might be genetic but I don't think it's genetic for me. Could it be AAA or appendicitis or could it actually be that I'm just imagining this, but I swear I can feel it! Can you please help me! Thank You!

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Don't worry  its nothing    if  u feel  again  then meet  a dr.