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Had 26 teeth extracted a month ago. It was major oral surgery due to the condition of my teeth and I had a mouthful of stitches. That part went very well but have had two more surgeries due to bone that started to protrude. Today I went for my wax impression and the doctor stated that he was concerned about a large amount of ridges that could cause issues with the final process of my dentures.

He suggested I sit and rub my gums with my index finger as often as possible over the course of the next 20 days until my next appointment. I was not expected this nor more surgery and not sure I can do this process. I've had it mentally as this started in March and they are not anticipating me getting my dentures until late August. I can home devastated and after putting on surgical glove started to feel around for the ridges he was referring to. I found 7 that are very sharp and pointy.

Is rubbing them really going to do any good. He said it might help soften them. Well I'm not happy, this was my 4 trip back since the extracted and neither the dentist, technician nor the surgeon noticed these until today.

Any input is greatly appreicated.

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